Bosses are large encounters that make up an entire level. There are currently four possible bosses in the game, with two boss fights per playthrough.

Star PantsEdit

Star Pants
Health ???
Movement Left and Right across the screen
Speed  ???
Ability Spawns googly hats which fire upwards at the player
Spr boss star 0

Boss blah blah top hat.

Giant Dome FossilEdit

Dome Fossil (Giant)
Health ???
Movement Bounces
Speed  ???
Ability Summons Spikes frequently
Ability Summons many spikes on death

Boss blah blah bigger dome fossil.

Bird JesusEdit

Bird Jesus
Health ???
Movement Stationary
Speed N/A
Ability Spawns Angry Love Birds to attack the player
Ability Insults the player

Jesus Birrrrd

Devil BirdEdit

Devil Bird
Health ???
Movement Stationary
Speed N/A
Ability Spawns demon bunnies to attack the player
Ability Says nice things about the player

Currently unimplemented
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