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Version 1 (DL)Edit

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Version 7 (DL)Edit

Spikes, Camera Zoomed In, Love Birds, Background

Version 10 (DL)Edit

Levels, Maze, Level Edges

Version 16 (DL)Edit

Colorful Walls, Collectibles, Weapon, "Kawaii Uguu," Vortex Gun, Nick Cage

Version 35 (DL)Edit

Star Pants boss, Googly Spikes, Weapons Selection/Revamp, Music, Mouse Aiming, Exploding Bridge, Speed Run, More Levels, Moral Choice, Stats, Explosive Barrels, Achievements

Version 36 (DL)Edit

Bunnies change everything.

Version 44 (DL)Edit

Dome Fossil Enemies, Viredxgun, "Secret" level, Bunny Gun, Control Remap (Detonate Bunnies),

Version 45 (DL)Edit

Kill All Enemies, Laser Shotgun

Version 53 (DL)Edit

Killing All Enemies Optional, Weapon Upgrades, Backgrund Change, Minimap, Arena Maps, SUPER DIFFICULT "Bullet Hell" level

Version 60 (DL)Edit

Slimes, Doge menu, Devil Bird, Bird Jesus, Morality, Powerup Drops

Version 70 (DL)Edit

Survival Game Mode, Hostile Sheriff Bird, More Weapons, Doge Coins

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