An Uzi with two speed upgrades and an extra bullet

Weapon powerups were introduced in version 47, which added a number of weapon power ups scattered through the game's levels. These upgrades stack and could have dramatic effects if the player goes out of his or her way to get them.

As of version 60, weapon powerups have a 2% chance to drop from enemies during play, and also allows them to be affected by the Vortex Gun . This has the effect of building in a handicap for players that die more often, as powerup effects are not lost between deaths.


Spr accuracy 0

The Accuracy powerup increases the accuracy of bullets fired by the weapon. This is ineffective on weapons with high accuracy like the Bunny Gun and the Laser Gun, and can possibly have negative consequences for weapons designed for low accuracy such as the Shotgun and Laser Shotgun.


  • Level 3 (Right of Start Location)

Bullet CountEdit

Spr bulletnum 0

The Bullet Count powerup adds additional bullets to the weapon. Along with the Fire Rate powerup, this is one of the best powerups in the game, and significantly increases damage output.


  • 2x in Secret Level 2 (From Secret Level 1, Right of Spawn)
  • Level 5 (Right of Start Location, Opposite Side of 1-Block Wall)
  • Level 8 (Bottom Left Corner, Left of 1-Block Wall near Finish)

Fire RateEdit

Spr firerateup 0

The Fire Rate powerup reduces the time between shots. Along with the Bullet Count powerup, this is one of the best powerups in the game. Multiple Fire Rate powerups can turn even an RPG into a fully automatic weapon.


  • Secret Level 1 (from Level 3, Lower Right Corner)
  • 2x in Secret Level 2 (from Secret Level 1, Right of Spawn)
  • Arena 1 (Level 9, Lower Right Corner)

Bullet SpeedEdit

Spr speedup 0

The Bullet Speed powerup increases the velocity that weapon projectiles travel. 


  • Level 4 (Upper RIght Corner)

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